About Us

Hi! My name is Kay Marie and I gave up making 6 figures a year to travel the world with my family of 5 and two dogs.

Think I’m crazy?… So does my dad and my husband 🙂


Battling a Travel Addiction when you have a family

Have you ever felt like you were trapped in a box… or like a caged bird? Always looking through the bars, but never able to fully spread your wings. I have, and do all the time. Most people fear change, but I fear monotony. I love change, it’s one of the few friends I have. The rush of adrenaline you feel with the unknown, the excitement that you get when you see something new for the first time. It’s like falling in love.

It is currently July 18th 2017 at 9:24pm as I write this post. My children are in Chicago visiting my parents, and I am in my bed; dreaming. Dreaming of what? Of when I will pull the trigger and leave America indefinitely. It’s not that I don’t love America. I really do. It’s home. However, the problem that I have with it is… IT’S HOME! It’s what I know… My comfort zone… And for that reason alone, the very place I love, is the very place I need to leave.

I have 3 children, Zoe, Zac, and Kennedy. My oldest is 13 and I popped her out when I was 14. That’s right folks, I had a child 4 days before my 15th birthday. I have been raising children since I was a child myself. My middle is 7 and he’s the sweetest little boy you will ever meet. My youngest is almost 3 and that girl is hilarious! Both of my girl’s are spit fire’s like their mom and all 3 of my children love to travel. I’ve been blessed and fortunate in the fact that even though I had a child (waaayyy) too young, through hard work, our lives are pretty good.

I believe that through faith and hard work, you TRULY can accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to. I know it’s cliché, and everyone spits the same bs; but I feel like I am living proof of this mantra. I have done the crazy wild child thing, I’ve lived in a tiny attic with no heat or ac, I moved to a new state without my family’s monetary help, and after my divorce from my first husband, I move to a new city with only 4k in my pocket and 2 kids in tow. In Raleigh I started a real estate company, and have been able to support my family of 5 with ease. Thankfully enough money has come in that we are able to take multiple vacations throughout the year, and over the past 3 years, we have left the country each year.

I don’t say any of that to brag. I say it to hopefully inspire someone. I promise, if I can make something out of nothing, you can too.

My husband doesn’t understand my need for freedom. As much as I love change, he craves stability. He loves traveling to new places, but as a former Marine, I think his patriotism gets the best of him. He is the yin to my yang and I love him for that. I love him even more for being willing to indulge in my fantasy and become nomads. He loves traveling to new places, but as a former Marine, I think his patriotism gets the best of him. His sweat is red white and blue, and he becomes agitated when thinking about staying away from ‘Murica for too long.

After a lot of discussions, we have finally made the decision that we will leave once my daughter graduates 8th grade. We have experience homeschooling, and I’m excited to be able to homeschool again. I’m even more excited to be able to experience other cultures with my children by my side.

I feel that this about me page is getting a little too long. If you have read this far, then you deserve a prize 😊

I won’t keep blabbering on, but I will use this last paragraph to write a little bit about who I am as a person and what I like. If you can relate, let me know! I always feel like I’m the only crazy in a sea of sane… Or maybe I’m the only sane one in a sea of crazy lol. My loves include my family (of course), food-food-and-more-food! (specifically Italian beef sandwiches from Portillo’s), reading, sing talking (when you carry on a normal conversation in a sing song voice)… yeah, my family finds it annoying as hell but that’s part of the fun lol, using fake accents, dancing (the weird kind), laughing at myself – I truly crack myself up at times, and in general just being a weird person. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BUDGETS AND PLANNING. Yet, I can be very spontaneous and pretty much follow wherever my heart guides me. I sometimes laugh while crying, and I’m a picky eater, but like to take tiny bites of food just to try it. I am terrified of ghosts, but LOVE ghost movies, and I hate watching emotional movies- not because I’m a robot like some think- but because I’m a very emotional person and I hate how strongly I feel them. I probably need some therapy lol at least my dad would say so 😉