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If you haven’t read my ABOUT ME  then please do. It will give you a little insight into who I am as a person, and why I am towing my family of 5 around the world. Once you’re done reading the About me page, come back over here and then we can get started. Or in my Dave Chappelle voice… “Let’s start the show”…

(Back so soon? You must have just skimmed over it)

So right now, my oldest daughter is going to start 8th grade next week. She is on a modified calendar, whereas my son attends year round school ( I had never heard of such a thing until I moved to Raleigh). My youngest daughter goes back to pre-k in August.

My husband and I finally came to the decision (after a lot of begging and pleading on my part) that we will travel the world, indefinitely… or until we run out of money, whichever comes first. LOL.

We have so much to figure out. We currently have a home that we own, 3 vehicles, and a whooooolllleeee lotta material goods that we need to get rid of. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to that 70” flat screen, but someone in my family will love me for the donation.

We’ve decided that we will rent the home (with a property manager), sell majority of our items, and donate a bunch as well. There are a few items that we can’t bear to part with (by we I mean they), so I guess we’ll be the only world travelers I know who carry around a damn xbox and game case in which to play it on. Personally, I think it’s a damn shame, but I won’t deny them their bits of joy. I’m hoping that once we get to our new location, all of my family members will become less dependent on technology and become more open to experiences. I absolutely hate that my family is controlled by tiny screens. Whether it be on the phone or iPad. I can’t wait for us to go surfing, on a safari, touring Mayan Ruins, strolling through the Christmas market in Germany, and eat a croissant at the base of the Eiffel Tower. Take that technology! Mom is going to kick your ass, and steal my family back… At least in my dreams this is how everything will pan out.

Here is a revolving list of items that we will need to take care of prior to our departure. If you can think of something I am missing, please let me know. Although we travel frequently, we have never been anywhere as a family for more than 2 weeks at a time (with the exception of visiting back home in Chicago). I know packing for an extended trip around the world will be VERY different than preparing for a week in Jamaica.


  • First we need to figure out where we will go! I know I know!! I started a travel blog and I don’t quite know where I’m going to travel to first… The audacity! But really, we’ve got it narrowed to either Mexico, or somewhere in Asia lol. I’m thinking Vietnam or somewhere near Seoul, Korea.


If I go to Vietnam, I will be able to tell stories beginning with “ Back in Nam…” Lol It’ll be like I’m an old time war vet.


  • Play a spinoff game of f&@k, marry, or kill with our household goods. It will be titled sell, donate, and burn. At the end, we will have a giant bon-fire to promote the destruction of consumerism in the USA… Too much? … Yeah… Probably too much


  • Verify that we can actually bring our two dogs with us on our travels, and figure out the best way to do so. I know it will make things more difficult, but I can’t imagine leaving them behind. We have a 7 year old German Shepherd named Isabel Stevens aka (Izzy) Leave me alone, I used to be a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy; and we have a 3 year old Rottweiler named Bear. Both dogs I’ve had since they were 8 weeks, and they are my family. If worse comes to worse, I’ll have to find a family member to take them in while we tour Asia, and pick them up when we head to Mexico. I know that it’s easy to keep them over there, but I haven’t done enough research into the process for the different Asian countries.


  • Host a Bon Voyage Party!! I have to make sure I invite all 2 of my friends LOL. No but really, it’s probably more like 1.


  • Buy supplies… Now that I think about it, I’m a little perturbed at the fact that I just bought all this camping supplies and now I won’t be able to use much of it. I’m crazy, but at the moment I don’t plan on touring the world and camping in each country. To be honest, I’ve never gone camping before. There was a store going out of business, and I figured with the items on sale, I might as well grab it and head to the great outdoors. Now I am going to have to use this camping crap at least 3x’s before I give it away.


  • Create a budget—MY FAVORITE PART… next to planning the actual trip of course. We need to figure out how much it will cost to live in each country, how much we have to save for the flights etc, and how much spending money we will have. We also need to be sure we have enough emergency money set aside in case shit hits the fan and we have to peace out in a hurry.


  • Figure out which clothing items we are going to take and how many bags we will bring. In my fantasy world, I’d like to stay about 3 months or so in most places. Establish a home base and explore from there. As much as I’d love to pack all of my heels, I’m feeling like flats and hiking boots are going to become my new best friend. — Did I mention, I bought a FANNIE PACK!! My husband looked at me like I was stuck in the 90’s but it is the one item purchased from the outdoor going out of business sale- that I will definitely put to use. All weather and lifetime warranty… I’m tre excited!


  • Gather all of my homeschool supplies. I’m a firm believer that anything can become a teaching tool. At the grocery store? Have your kid add up the costs before you hit the register. With that said, I also believe in supplementing with homework and curriculums. There are so many different methods for homeschooling your child. It’s what you make it and you have to make it fit for your family.


Well that’s the list for now. As I said at the top, this is an evolving list. I’m sure there will be updates and I dig further into it. For now, this is what I got.

Let me know in the comments what you think! Would you travel the world with 3 kids in tow?

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